About Alpaca

About Alpaca

At Alpaca Keyboards, we pride ourselves on creating a symphony of form, function, and finesse. Born out of a passion for innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality, we craft high-end mechanical keyboards that redefine the boundaries of precision and aesthetics.

From the popular ErgoDox series to our latest WhiteFox Eclipse, our keyboards are more than just typing devices; they are a testament to engineering excellence. Each feature is meticulously designed - from Cherry Profile PBT keycaps known for their longevity, mechanical switches that ensure tactile feedback, to cutting-edge magnetic assembly - ensuring an unparalleled typing experience.

Our modern mechanical keyboards don't just cater to the dedicated keyboard enthusiast, but also to the discerning user looking for the optimal blend of style and performance. Features like Bluetooth connectivity, noise-reducing foam, QMK/VIA programmability, and compatibility with both Mac and Windows, showcase our dedication to the user experience. Moreover, the RGB LED lighting and customizable key layouts make our keyboards an extension of the user's personality.

But it's not just about the features we offer; it's about the experience. The seamless design of our keyboards, paired with enthusiast-grade features like hot-swap switch sockets, screw-in stabilizers, and novelty keycaps, provides an experience that's both tactile and visual.

Stepping into the world of Alpaca Keyboards means immersing yourself in a legacy of craftsmanship, where every detail is a labor of love. Our mission? To provide you with a keyboard that's not just a tool, but a companion in every keystroke.

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