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The Modern Mechanical Keyboard

The WhiteFox Eclipse by Alpaca Keyboards is the next evolution of the popular WhiteFox Mechanical Keyboard, including a new compact layout, custom magnetic gasket mounting, QMK/VIA programmability, and multi-device Bluetooth. 
The feature list on this keyboard is extensive, it surpasses everything on the market today.

PBT Keycaps

The Cherry Profile PBT keycaps on the WhiteFox Eclipse are designed with durability in mind. They offer a much longer lifespan than ABS keycaps, and feature a textured surface that is resistant to fading, shine, and wear. 


Mechanical Switches

Mechanical switches are preferred by many users for their durability, tactile feedback, customization options, accuracy, and aesthetics, making them a popular choice for gamers, typists, and other demanding users.

 Flex Plate

The flexible plate with relief cuts can help to distribute force evenly across the switches, resulting in a more consistent and satisfying keyfeel. The plate is designed to match the PCB, to improve stability of the hot swap switches.

Double Gasket Mounted

The first keyboard with standard and magnetic gaskets that help provide a softer, more cushioned feel when typing, making the keyboard more comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

Noise Reducing Foam

The two layers of foam help to absorb the sound generated by the switches, making the keyboard quieter and more suitable for use in a shared workspace or other quiet environment.


With wireless functionality, the WhiteFox Eclipse is at home in any workspace. Complete the ultimate minimalist desk experience with this compact, portable mechanical keyboard.

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Magnetic Assembly

New in the WhiteFox Eclipse are Magnetic Gaskets, rubberized magnets that connect the keyboard. The removable feet are also magnetic, so choose between a flat lay or optional tilt.


QMK firmware gives you total control over your keyboard, allowing you to remap keys, create layers, and set up macros. Make the WhiteFox Eclipse truly your keyboard

Made for Mac / Win

Specifically designed to be compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems

Seamless Design

This new design has a clean, uninterrupted look and feel, creating a streamlined appearance.

RGB LED Lighting

Customizable RGB LED lighting, allowing users to choose from a wide range of colors and lighting effects.

Standard Keycap Layout

A traditional keyboard layout, arranged in a standard QWERTY configuration. Any keycap set should fit this keyboard

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Enthusiast-Grade Features

The WhiteFox Eclipse is the perfect keyboard for the modern keyboard enthusiast. It combines the iconic style and classic design of the original with optimal state of the art keyboard features. In addition to the features above, the WhiteFox Eclipse also has the following enthusiast features:
● Hot Swap Switch Sockets● South Facing LEDs● Screw-in Stabilizers● Mac, Windows, and Linux Compatible● Standard Keycap Layout for Maximum Keycap Coverage● USB-C Connector● Blue Novelty Keycaps (Esc, Arrow Keys)● Mac Keycaps Included (Command, Option)

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